A Simcoe County Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Start Talking is a Simcoe County Mental Health Awareness campaign led by community members and the Canadian Mental Health Association Simcoe County Branch.

Reduce the stigma

Start Talking's goals are to reduce the stigma related to mental health and increase service options and the use of services for the members of our community. Start Talking is committed to increasing mental health awareness through education and training, promotion, community events and fundraising.

Proceeds stay in the community

100% of all proceeds raised through the Start Talking program will stay right here in our community! Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will help us ensure mental health is part of everyone's health conversation. Start Talking!


Show your support by making a pledge

Be a part of something big! Help raise awareness and stomp out the stigma associated with mental health by adding your pledge of support to the Start Talking Pledge wall. Let's add mental health to everyone's health conversation. Together we can make a difference.

CLICK HERE to see what others are saying, or to make a pledge!


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