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> Frosty on Frost Trail

Frosty on Frost Trail

For 11 winters, Chad Hanna has created an incredible snowman on his front lawn at 31 Frost Trail in Barrie. During a time when news stories are gloomy, this is a feel great story!

So when the first snow of the cold weather season fell weeks ago, Chad began piling it high. He used the accumulation from his backyard and several neighbours’ driveways to construct the 17-foot tall now fondly called McLovin (Hanna comes up with different names for his snowmen each year).

He is encouraging residents who visit to post their photos on social media using the hashtag ‘frostyonfrost’.

Chad would love Barrie to become the "snowman capital" He encourages everyone to join in and create a snowman in their own yards.

The Hanna family is collecting donations to help support our Youth Shine Campaign at CMHA. You can show your support at https://starttalking.ca/donate/ or drop by Frost Trail and show your support!

Thank you to the Hanna family for this amazing act of kindness.


Feb 01, 2021

31 Frost Trail, Barrie, Ont

31 Frost Trail, Barrie, Ont

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